Just this past Saturday night I was hanging with a bunch of guys talking about Chester’s woes and one of them asked me if the Wharf at Rivertown building was half empty. I said I didn’t know for sure but what I do know is Power Home Remodeling is in there and they take up a lot of space and have some of the swankiest office space this side of New York City.

I then asked my usual question to the group – “Has anyone heard of Power Home Remodeling?” With no exaggeration, every time I ask that question the answer is NO.

Then I usually make them feel bad by saying something like this – “How can you not know of a company earning over $500 million a year in revenue and headquartered in Chester?”

Almost on queue, someone will respond with – “What’s their name, again?”

Power has been in Chester since 2011 and I’ve never talked to anyone around who knows anything about them. Even with all the signage surrounding Talen Energy Stadium, Power doesn’t ring a bell with the majority of Chester residents, business owners, or elected officials I’ve talked to.

I gave Power a glowing review on a May 9, 2018 blog post, which had a whopping 87 views and 0 shares confirming how unenthused people are to them around here. I encourage you to read that post so you’ll appreciate how the story ended.

How the Story Ended

When the guy came by to replace my window, he drove up in a Power vehicle, was right on time, polite, and worked fast. He explained how the window likely cracked when no other explanation up that point made sense to me. I couldn’t help but to take the opportunity to put him on the spot and ask him if Power was as good a place to work as they say. He didn’t hesitate to say yes and even offered a couple reasons why he enjoyed working for them.

In some way, shape, or form, I’m involved in a few projects going on around town. In a few cases where we’re seeking funders, I’ve brought up Power as a potential source of funding, but either the people I’m talking to never heard of Power or none of us have any direct contact with the folks over at Power to make the ask.

It’s been on my to-do list to get around to trying to make that connection but haven’t got to it yet. But after seeing the front page story on Power on today’s Delaware County Daily Times I’m hoping I’ll never get the ‘I never heard of Power Home Remodeling’ when I’m seeking someone to join me to make the ask.

I get a little upset when I read statement like…

When we moved here in 2011, we made a commitment to the Chester community noting working relationships with riverfront business associations and Chester City Council

Not that what they’re saying isn’t true, but whatever efforts they made to this point has surely not made it down to the run of the mill garden variety common Chester resident. No one knows who Power is which means they have much more work to do if that’s their intent. They have 500 employees at their Chester location and I don’t know a single person who has ever worked there.

Here’s 1 Thing Power could do for the City of Chester

If the folks over at Power are reading this, contact me if you’d be interested in helping to support an educational after school mentoring program for Chester middle school students started this past summer (read This). We are currently in the process of partnering with the Delaware County Historical Society and the Chester Education Fund to continue this program on a regular basis. We’d love support from Power as well as access to your facilities to bring the young scholars on field trips to see, and possibly intern with, your in-house creative team, copywriters, photographers, videographers and other positions involving images and text. They’d love to get exposure to the home remodeling part of your business, too.

  • Stefan Roots
  • 610.453.6501
  • ccityblogger@gmail.com

I’ll let you know if they respond.