I first heard of Fredia Gibbs while listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show on the work truck radio during his Amazing Black American’s segment. I couldn’t believe I never knew anything about her, let alone not knowing her at all.

That all changed thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

fredia stefan.jpg

During this year’s MLK celebration at MJ Freed, Fredia and I were told to sit together in the book signing segment of the event. Thankfully our meeting wasn’t in passing as we had about 3 hours to get to know each other between her taking photos and signing autographs. Since then, I’ve seen her all over town on several occasions.


She shared a big secret with me if I promised not to tell. I kept my end of the bargain but it looks like Philly.com has spilled the bean…

 ..later this year, the 55-year-old Gibbs will become what is believed to be the first female athlete in Pennsylvania to have a bronze statue erected in her honor. It is to be unveiled in front of the Boys and Girls Club of Chester.

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