If you didn’t know, the street definition of a troll is someone who deliberately pisses someone off to get a reaction. It normally applies to online activity but for the sake of this post it applies to business and politics.

Aqua is like a scorned lover who reluctantly walked away from a relationship after not getting their way. They told the newspapers they had no further interest in acquiring the Chester Water Authority in whole or in parts. Since then, CWA and Chester shook hands and came up with the sweetheart deal to cut Chester City a $60 million check if they chill on considering another lover (water company) for 40 years. The $60 million was to come from CWA customers of which 78% of them are not in Chester.

About 3 weeks ago I shared my opinion of that deal in Why can’t the Chester deal repeat with other CWA customers? I expected the non-Chester water customers would be upset with the deal and there could possibly be another town or county who could possibly position themselves like Chester did and try to strike a similar deal to fatten their coffers with a few million dollars from CWA. From my earlier post…

I doubt if Chester is the only town with smart lawyers who can cut a deal like this.

What I didn’t expect is Aqua coming back in the mix to shake things up between Chester City and the CWA. I figured they were gone for good because they said they were gone for good. But, like a bitter ex-partner, they’ve found a clever way to be a noodge, just because.

Aqua promised that if they became the new lover supplying water, they weren’t going to raise rates for 10 years. They bowed out when it didn’t look like they had a chance, only to witness the current boo, CWA, raising rates 10%. Now Aqua is mad and it looks like they’re going to court to decide if that’s fair.

On the surface it just sounds like a jealous spat that they should get over and move on like they originally said they would, until I realized…

Aqua is a CWA customer, too.

It appears Aqua is not taking the scorned lover role in this dispute. They are coming at this as a CWA rate paying family member who is looking out for the best interest of all CWA family members (rate payers) by challenging the CWA-City of Chester agreement.

I honestly didn’t see this coming.

So, here’s my new prediction that no one will pay attention to until it happens when I’ll be writing another one of these I-told-you-so posts.

Aqua will find someway to sue. It will hold up the CWA/Chester agreement and Chester will not get their $60 million before it’s all sorted out in the courts. Delaware County judges won’t side with Aqua but they’ll appeal until it gets to the State Supreme Court where they’ll probably punt, send it back down, or won’t side with Aqua either. Aqua, who is all in at this point will check with the Big 9 down in D.C. to see if the U.S. Supreme Court wants a piece of this.

If all this occurs, Chester will have to wait on their $60 million, CWA customers will continue to enjoy their current rates, and Aqua will continue trolling just because they can.

Stay tuned. This story has more twist and turns than the Octoraro Creek.