I’m not ashamed to admit I know very little about hip-hop music except for a hot beat when I hear it. Please don’t ask me to match an artist with a song because my answer won’t make any sense.

All eyes around here have been on Jahlil Beats ever sense it was announced Anderson .Paak’s song was nominated for Best Rap Performance because Jahlil produced it. The social medias lit up when they won and in a few posts there was mention of another Chester winner. As much as I tried, I couldn’t get much info on the other guy so I didn’t want to post anything without more detail.

Thankfully, Deitra A. Redd, Senior Publicist of The Redd Carpet Group, reached out via email and filled me in. Here’s what she offered…

I am reaching out to you about the amazing Grammy wins on Sunday evening from two Brothers from Chester, PA. Yes, I said two Brothers from Chester.

Mr. Orlando Tucker known as “Jahlil Beats” and his young brother Anthony ‘Beatbully’ Tucker each won a Grammy for separate projects. Jahlil won for Producer of Anderson .Paak’s hit song ‘Bubblin’ and his brother won for producing Cardi B’s hit song ‘Get Up 10.’ Cardi B won Rap Album of the Year.

Jahlil has been a role model for not only his family but the city. Last year he opened the DTLR (Villa) store in Chester to reinvigorate business ownership in a once thriving shopping district in Chester which also employs Chester residents.

Although his brother is much younger, he looked to Jahlil for guidance in this unpredictable music industry. The years of hard work have definitely paid off last evening. This is Black History in the making for Chester, PA.

I also would like to share that another Chester resident, Celebrity Designer Rashad Calhoun created the red carpet look for Koryn Hawthorne, Grammy nominated in the Best Gospel Song/Performance category.

I love when the streets give me a little help to get the good news from Chester out. All it takes is sending an email with your stories (news@chestermatters.new or ccityblogger@gmail.com).

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