Please pardon my ignorance, but I rarely understand how criminal justice works. In today’s Delaware County Daily Times, there’s an article about a man who is on trial again for a murder. He was previously tried for the same murder in July where the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the identical charges.

On TV, don’t they send the guy home? He may not be innocent but if the jury doesn’t agreed he’s guilty isn’t it over? The article doesn’t go into any details why the District Attorney has this guy back in court, that’s why I ask just in case you were asking that very same question.

I also wonder if this guy was sent home after the jury was unable to reach a verdict or was he sitting in jail waiting for a retrial?

I guess the two witnesses whose testimony is shared in the article are new witnesses that are suppose to make the case against this guy even stronger. If what’s in the paper is true, I don’t think it’s working out that way. The lady said the shooter went this way but maybe he went that way. The other witness said he saw everything while he was in his backyard selling weed. He said the shooter offered him $2500 not to testify in the first trial but I guess his conscious got the best of him and wouldn’t be bought out this time.

I expect they’ll be more details from this trial in tomorrow’s paper. It’s a page turner for sure.

Speaking of retrials, I learned of this guy down in Winona, Mississippi who has been tried 6 times for the same crime. For 21 years, Curtis Flowers has maintained his innocence. He’s won appeal after appeal, but every time, the prosecutor just tries the case again and he’s never been released from prison the whole time.

Maybe this guy is our Curtis Flowers.