Three great musicians will perform on 5th and Edgmont Streets on Friday night in Chester at Andre Acoustique Café. If you say you love jazz, want a short commute, be seated up close and personal, and value spending a couple hours on Friday night with three of the area’s best jazz musicians, you’ll be there.

Venue owner Paul Fejko is making a rare appearance on the piano. He is no ordinary piano player. One established local musician told me,  “When Paul goes in, the rest of us put our instruments down.”

I doubt if that will be the case Friday as Paul is joined by two top notch talents on drum and bass. I confess to have not seen drummer Khary Abdul-Shaheed perform, but Paul always brings the best. I have seen bassist Richard Hill when he came to Chester this summer and played in a quartet with Monnette Sudler. He’s worth the price of admission by himself.

If this is anything like the many shows Paul Fejko hosts in his place, it’s worth coming for the food alone. This time you’ll get the added treat of witnessing one of the best piano players you’ll see ANYWHERE! Paul doesn’t play often, so don’t miss the moment.

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