I’ve been told the City of Chester has sold all stormwater inlets to the Chester Stormwater Authority for $1. I’m not sure if that’s $1 each or for a total of $1. The sell went forward without bid or appraisal.

Also, in the world of City of Chester transactions, they have sold the rights to parking meters to an outside firm for $1 million in a 10 year arrangement. Poles for meters are installed on the Widener campus and the Widener folks are said to not be too happy about it. Once the meters are installed, parking will cost $2 per hour.

The parking piece may have some connection to the $1 per hour Pango Parking post from a couple weeks back.  It didn’t make much sense when I posted it, and not sure if this clears things up.

I’d expect to see parking meters showing up around Chester in the very near future so start saving your quarters.

I’ll be happy to make any additions or corrections to this post if you send them to news@chestermatters.news. Otherwise, consider it a fact.


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