I’m a week late with the Chester Matters issue and the only person who called me out on it was my mother. That’s hilarious to me.

By tomorrow, you’ll be able to read the latest Chester Matters issue focused on Religion. The only place you will find it is on ChesterMatters.news or on the Chester Matters mobile app. If you like paper, you can print the 24 page issue using your own ink from the PDF on the website.

Not only is this the first digital only issue, it’s also the only issue with no advertising. Therefore, you get a full 24 pages of #Religion.

Here are the titles of the articles to peek your curiosity:

  • Introduction
  • What Is Religion?
  • Danita Harris put a S.H.I.N.E. on Cleveland
  • Black American Muslim Identity Awareness
  • A Message from a Millennial
  • Who carries a Bible anymore?
  • Why doesn’t Calvary Baptist Church capitalize on Dr. Martin Luther King?
  • Chester is home to almost all religions
  • Pray About It, And Also…
  • Season’s Readings at J. Lewis Crozer Library
  • The new Church Dress Code
  • Ain’t no drama like Black Church drama
  • The Black Church should be competing with the Night Club
  • The Greatest Night of All
  • Christ is not the Reason for the Season
  • Nobody cares about religion these days?
  • Blacks, Jews, and Marc Lamont Hill
  • Christian evangelicals and the murdered colonizer
  • Scientist are using Artificial Intelligence to figure out religious violence
  • Delaware man arrested for church burglaries
  • Gen Exodus – How to keep young people from leaving the church
  • White Pastors and the Mega Church
  • Preachers, Counselors, and Destiny’s Child
  • School Nurse Notes: Starve a Cold or Feed a Fever
  • School Nurse Notes: ‘Tis the season

You’ll also enjoy a slew of great photos of some of the diverse architecture of Chester churches throughout the city.

I wanted to give you plenty to read while you enjoy your days at home during the holidays.

I’d love to get your feedback on this issue.

For 2019, expect to see Chester Matters make a few changes. More on that later.

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