The Delaware County Historical Society staged an open house at their annual meeting on Wednesday night where a full house came to witness the new look of the building, view new exhibits, share in their awards presentations, and eat some great food from Brothers Restaurant and Juice Bar.

HIstoric Society05


We last heard from the Historical Society in a not so positive light when I posted ‘Chester’s lack of pride being addressed by developers’ which earned me an personal invitation from Executive Director Laurie Grant to hear her side of the story. After spending over an hour chatting with her and getting an exhausting elevator tour of the entire building, I walked away with a whole new perspective of Mrs. Grant, her mission, and the Historical Society.

For a guy who often creates blog posts from topics found in newspaper articles, I learned how a reporter from the Philadelphia Daily News did a bad job of putting his story together. Since I followed his lead, my blog post only added fuel to the fire. For that, I apologize to Mrs. Grant and the Historical Society.

HIstoric Society02

Last night’s event symbolized what the society is all about. The place looked magnificent as the staff has worked under the leadership of Mrs. Grant to get rid of tons of debris and have spruced up the place to be presentable again. For their efforts, they were all presented with awards and an opportunity to express their passion for the historical society.

There were several county judges and county council members in attendance but not many familiar faces from the city.  That is expected to change today as Chester High School basketball from the 1960s is recognized at the historical society today.

Chester educators should insist the 4th and 5th students from all schools participate in the Passport to History program offered by the historical society. Adults should stop by and visit the museum quality artifacts and discover some of the other goodies they have tucked away on shelves, in file cabinets, and in the stacks.

Chester is proud to be home to the Delaware County Historical Society.

Get to know them. 408 Avenue of the States.