Nobody bothered covering the Act 47 Exit Plan public forum on Thursday. The newspaper and TV news folks had other things to do. The residents didn’t want to be bothered. Everyone was out of City Hall Council Chambers in time to watch the Eagles game.

This meeting was the last chance anyone had to voice their opinion to the consultants saving our city from financial ruin. They conveniently scheduled the Act 47 Exit Plan review period during the Labor Day weekend and couldn’t find another date to have the face to face meeting other the night of the much anticipated Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles opening game.

However, from the shaky cell phone video I scrubbed on Facebook that captured the meeting from the back of the room, there only seemed to be one resident who had a few questions before scores of people associated with the fire department pleaded their case of not closing a fire house.

One of the questions the resident had was where to find the Exit Plan. Sadly, if she read this blog, she would have found a copy here. She was told she can visit the City Clerks Office at City Hall to see it. I wonder if she’d receive a copy from the clerk to take home and read or if she can only ‘see it’ like it’s the Declaration of Independence, or something?

I’d expected the report to be posted on the Chester City web page where all the other public notices live. But, no. However, if you’re looking for vendor applications for ChesterFest 2018, hurry up there before you miss your blessing.

The report was sitting in a few obscure online sites no one would think to look like CEDA and DCED sites – see, I told you they were obscure.

Since the public comment period has passed without a Serena Moment, I guess we can move on now and await the city’s response to the state’s recommendations. I expect they’ll simply sign off on it all like they normally do and pick and choose which recommendations they’ll enact later.

Anyone looking forward to the November elections?