Hard to believe it was December 1, 2012 when I announced the reopening of the 9th Street bridge near Chester High School. Now, I have the pleasure to announce the start of a big project on the 7th Street Bridge near the basketball courts that will shut down direct access to downtown Chester from the west side.

Obviously, the 7th Street bridge work isn’t as urgent as they made it seem in the Daily Times report which states  work will begin on the 7th Street bridge on September 4th (hence, the CP Time reference). Work is not scheduled to be completed until May 2020.

A few things to note. Today is September 8th and I see no signs that work is even about to start on that bridge. Usually I’d expect to see some signage announcing the closing with maybe a detour or two. I’d be looking for some equipment or supplies starting to stack up somewhere near the bridge in anticipation of work about to begin.

Not here. Not now.

May 2020 seems like a long time to fix a bridge, but they are demolishing the old bridge and building a new one from scratch, so I guess that takes a little time. The 9th Street bridge construction went from August 1, 2011 to December 1, 2012 in case you’re asking.

Let this post be your warning that traveling in and out of  ‘Overtown’ on 7th Street will be shut down soon. My guess is the basketball courts will be the construction staging area and could be of limited use for recreation.

I wonder how New Life Ministries church will make out during this period.

road closed
The sign from the 9th Street bridge closure