It’s not too hard to understand why only 2 kids showed up to the 7th Street basketball courts for the free basketball clinic and math lesson for 7 to 12 year olds conducted by the head basketball coach of Friends Central School.

First, kids don’t play basketball outside. If this event was held when I was a kid, the court would have been full of kids when the coach arrived. Now, you can drive by the 7th Street Courts and not see anyone playing days in a row.

Next, very few parents and mostly all students in that age group have no idea what Friends Central is. Education has been so broken in Chester for so long, even if Coach Tozer was giving away lifetime scholarships to this great school, he probably would be ignored.

Next, I got a note that the school with most students in Chester, Chester Community Charter, has already begun classes and would have loved to send some students. I joked that those students should take a snow day, but I wasn’t joking. If I had a shot to get a one-on-one session with the Friends Central coach, I’d eat that one day absence and make him write me a note to be excused because I got a math class out of it. Couldn’t the school call it an emergency field trip for a dozen kids?

A lot of parents claim they want their children to have a better education than they’re getting in Chester. If that’s true, a lot of parents have to keep their eyes open for opportunities like this to get their children the exposure to the great schools in the area.

If you’re an uneducated parent, you likely don’t have the resources or know how to recognize or appreciate a good school even if they showed up at your local basketball court to court your child. You depend on school counselors to direct your child to higher learning but with the 350 to 1 counselor to student ratio, chances are your child is getting overlooked.

Quiz: Without Googling, what city is Friends Central in?

  • Villanova
  • Radnor
  • Philadelphia
  • Aston
  • Wynnewood
  • Camden

If you don’t know, you don’t know. That’s a big part of the problem.

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