In the not too distant past, there was a weeknight in Ethel Waters Park packed with folks coming out to dance to the oldies. The King of the Oldies, Ali Hackett, built up quite a following during those summer nights in Chester.


Since then, Ali has launched an award winning TV show now in its third season. And on Friday nights he’s on the radio playing his oldies.

He describes his TV show, ‘Salt…Pepper N Memories,’ as a combination of Soul Train and American Bandstand with a twist. The twist is food: it’s a cooking show, too. It’s officially described as a “hot” new wellness show combining talk, music, dance, food, entertainment and education, produced by Chef Ali Hackett.


If you have Comcast, you can see the show on channels 66 & 966, and if you have Verizon, it’s on channels 29 & 30 every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm. Also, it’s on Thursday at 2pm on WACPTV – channel 4 if you have an HD antenna. You can hit the link above and watch the Wednesday show on your Internet connected device.

His radio show can be heard on Fridays from 10 pm to midnight on WPPM 106.5 fm which may be hard to get outside of Philadelphia. But, if you have the TuneIn app on your device, you can listen where ever you may be – even in Uzbekistan if they have the Internet.


Ali Hackett is coming to Chester to celebrate his birthday on Sunday, August 19 from 3-7pm for a huge oldies party at Hayes Lounge on 2nd and Hayes streets in Chester.

The party features live performances by the Ebonys, food by Chef Shug of Sugar Shack, and a lot of bopping, cha cha-ing, and line dancing.

If you remember the great times in Ethel Waters Park, you don’t want to miss this affair.

ali Hackett birthday.png