Last week I told my Facebook followers Chester was getting some type of marijuana business as the state awarded us one of 13 new licenses to grow or dispense the leafy green substance. We also recall Chester City government has been lobbying for such a enterprise to come to town to bring jobs and stimulate the economy.

My information came from a list of the 13 new license holders but didn’t give much more detail other than the name and address of the new business and the names and positions of the major stakeholder. I reached out to the guy listed at their community relations person but he never responded. I told y’all to wait for the Daily Times to get us more details which came out today.

We knew they’d be on front and Broomall but we didn’t know it would be an agriculture business. A lot of people thought it would be a dispensary. So, rest assured, no one will be buying their prescription marijuana from that location. It just means more truck traffic in and out of the city.

Seems as though they’ll be knocking down an old building and building a new one using many Chester subcontractors to accommodate the 48,000 square feet of indoor gardening which will have 40 to 85 employees if it continues to grow.

Once upon a time, I wrote a posts about the prospects of Chester getting into vertical gardening to grow fruits and vegetables. Many cities are doing it. There’s far less investment required and a lot of opportunity to be granted resources to start these operations. Maybe if we can get the marijuana thing going to help supply the medical community, we can start looking at supplying our own community with real food.