By far, this was the most emotional newspaper article I may have ever read found in yesterday’s New York Times.

Learning about what happening to a 5-year old in Philadelphia after he rejoined his family after 50 days separated by border patrol is not only heartbreaking, it is the clearest evidence of what likely happened to an untold number of children separated from families in America between 1619 and 1863.

Before they were separated at the southwest border, Ana Carolina Fernandes’s 5-year-old son loved playing with the yellow, impish Minion characters from the “Despicable Me” movies. Now his favorite game is patting down and shackling “migrants” with plastic cuffs.

I can see someone describing this as the new Cowboy’s and Indians.

When they first got home after being reunited, the boy — whom she hadn’t nursed in years — pleaded to be breast-fed. When visitors showed up at the family’s new home in Philadelphia, he crouched behind the sofa.

How damaged is this child?

…many of the children released to their parents are exhibiting signs of anxiety, introversion, regression and other mental health issues…

Many? Not all?

A 3-year-old boy who was separated from his mother has been pretending to handcuff and vaccinate people around him…A pair of young siblings burst into tears when they spotted police officers on the street.

Can these children ever trust an authority figure again?

The entire article is chilling. Read here if you dare or care.