I was amused reading your comments on the blog post about Radnor residents objecting to the new Wawa Super Store at their zoning board meeting. Some of you believe Wawa won’t come to Chester because of the Chester fear factor. If that was a real concern, there wouldn’t be any retail stores in Chester. Because it’s a real concern, we don’t have more retail stores in Chester.

Wawa doesn’t appear to like placing their stores in inner cities. Their typical store layout would probably need to change if they were to come to the city.

Here’s your chance to offer your suggestions on what a Wawa should look like in Chester and what merchandise they should carry.

If I may offer a few suggestions to get the ball rolling…

Gas Pumps
They’d have to get rid of the sappy pop music and tune into WDAS or Power 99. If they have those little TV screens on the pumps they can play some ESPN for the guys and Housewives of Atlanta for the ladies.

They can limit the coffee selection to regular and decaf but keep that fancy machine with the hot chocolate.

Prepared foods
They can add more meat to the hoagies and start making cheese steaks. I can do without the quesadillas and their mac & cheese. That big display with grab and go wraps, salads, and yogurt better be behind a counter or it will really be grabbed and gone.

I don’t need 17 different selections of potato chips. Replace the fresh pastries with Phatso’s or KYJs. There better be a Bean Pie in there somewhere. Who eats beef jerky? Totally get rid of those $4 bags of candy and $5 containers of nuts.

Stop with the milkshake machine and hand make them. The fountain soda machine probably wouldn’t get too much action. I’ve never drank a Rock Star energy drink but maybe I’m in the minority.

Newport and Kools would probably be enough.

Reading material
Delaware County Daily Times, Philly Daily News, The Final Call and Chester Matters is all they’ll need.

I won’t be mad if they hired Maximum Security Firm guys to patrol the store.

Your Turn…