A number of vendors at the Delaware State Fair are selling confederate flag stuff like it’s legal. Here’s what the Delaware News Journal says about it…

…handkerchiefs, T-shirts, hats, belt buckles and blankets bearing the Confederate flag were being sold at vendor booths just inside the fair’s main entrance and along the Midway.

I guess that’s their way of saying, “Welcome to the State Fair!”

Officials took action only after The News Journal asked about the fair’s policy.

Are we to believe no one complained until The News Journal discovered this little matter was possibly newsworthy?

Oh, wait! Maybe someone else did kinda notice something was amiss…

“I started getting complaints on Friday just as soon as the fair opened,” said Lamar Gunn, the Republican head of the Central Delaware NAACP. Members of two local NAACP chapters expressed frustration that the vendors were able to sell the items for several days without interference.

I guess the NAACP holds no clout in Delaware. It’s the local paper who gets results in ‘S’Lower Delaware. The NAACP guy also had this to say…

“You have all types of elected officials there and many had to be aware of it yet no one stood up,” he said. “Why isn’t the fair policing its vendors? If someone was selling pornography could they get away with it for three days?”

Read this next paragraph carefully about rules to curtail selling confederate flag stuff across the country and ask yourself if anything is blatantly wrong…

Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and New York each adopted similar rules in the weeks and months after a white supremacist murdered nine African Americans in a North Carolina church in 2015. Several cited public safety concerns created by symbols widely considered hateful or derogatory.

If you didn’t see anything wrong in that paragraph, read it again and again until you do.

Here’s a hint – that church is located in South Carolina. The very paper that saved the day by getting officials to take action to remove some confederate merchandise from the Delaware State Flag couldn’t even properly reference a link to their own article on the location of a white supremacist massacre of 9 blacks. (Between the time I first read this article at 6:30am and the time I sat down to write this piece, they corrected it to South Carolina, probably with their online update at 10:10 am).

Last year, the Lower Sussex County branch of the NAACP called on state lawmakers to stop providing taxpayer funding to the Georgetown Historical Society until it removes a decade-old Confederate monument from its museum.

Despite Gov. John Carney’s support for withholding those funds, the Delaware General Assembly last month earmarked nearly $14,500 in tax dollars for the private organization that also organizes the biennial Return Day festivities.

The NAACP may have called on state lawmakers but governors have a lot of executive power. In this case, the governor supports with his mouth but funds with his dollars.

This statement from the NAACP sums it all up nicely…

“I know everyone wants to be proud of their family but there are two sides to this story and the fact is that for 200 years African Americans were beaten, raped, killed and sold as slaves under the same system that flag symbolizes,” she said. “I don’t understand why people are so proud of that or why they think we’re just going to swallow it up.”

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