I’ve talked with an old neighbor about old music for years. He always brags that he has this album or that 45 in his collection. Yesterday, I finally bogarted my way to his basement and discovered he not only wasn’t lying, but he could start a museum.


I can’t begin to describe the artists, songs, labels, and variety of old R&B, soul, gospel and comedy vinyl in his collection. I wasn’t so much interested in hearing it as much as I was seeing what he had. There has to be over 500 unique items just collecting dust.


I do want to hear that Moms Mabley jawn though. And LaWanda is Aunt Esther from Sanford & Son.

If anyone knows any music collectors, send them my info. This stuff is too precious to be sitting up in a basement.


Watch a short video of a tinsy winsy sample of this amazing collection.