I’ve stopped watching local TV news long ago mainly due to a low tolerance for rape, crime, murder, destruction, and now Trump. Sometimes I think my mother believes I’m totally clueless because she loves to share the top stories of the day and when I don’t respond she always says, “Didn’t you see it on the news?”

The other reason I can’t do the news are the commercials and the weather. I understand why they do commercials but I’ll never understand why it seems like 40% of the broadcast is all about the weather.

The weather person usually comes on early with a little weather then tells you they’ll be back with a complete 5 day forecast before coming back at least one more time to remind you the weather didn’t change in the last 10 minutes. I confess I like Bus Stop Buddy for those who know who he is.

All I need to know is what is the weather now, what it will be around noon, and possibly later in the day.

My new favorite weather thing sits in my kitchen. All I have to say is, “Alexa weather,” and she gives me just what I want to hear in less than 15 seconds.

We’re in a heat wave around here now. I haven’t seen the weather on the news but I imagine it’s dire – I can hear it in the voices of the people I encounter daily. And when I put up a Facebook post that I was shooting foul shots on the outdoor basketball court on a gorgeous sunny summer day, several comments made me think I was considering suicide for doing so.

I’ve been waiting all winter for hot and humid. It’s the best time of the year around here. It’s the time to go outside and play and run into all the people who were holed up in the house all winter. For me, part of the fun is visiting the basketball courts. I have enough sense not to run full court games with 18 year olds, in fact, I question my ability to run at all.

Don’t let the weather people keep you in the house this summer. Take heed if you have health or respiratory issues like my mom and stay in the air conditioning if you’re lucky enough to have it. Drink water. Find a tree. Pace yourself. Just get out the house and recommend it to your children.

I’m not going to let those weather people ruin my summer.