MxLK is the acronym for a program named Maximizing Leadership Knowledge. Its creator, Ulysses ‘Butch’ Slaughter, facilitated the first gathering of Chester leaders yesterday at the MJ Freed Abstract Space on Avenue of the States.

Nearly 50 leaders representing a large variety of interests squeezed in to take part in group exercises to help identify Chester’s most pressing needs the group could work on to create sustainable socio-economic solutions in the city.

More than a couple people expressed concern that gatherings of this type have occurred in the past and have resulting in nothing but a bunch of talk and no action. However, this group sincerely seems committed to continuing the collaborative effort and will narrow down the specific action items they will tackle before the next gathering later this summer.

Conspicuously absent from the meeting were any representatives from city government, however, they weren’t missed because most of the leaders agree that the creation of a leadership body from the business, education, and other community organizations can realize results while complimenting the political leadership and not being subject to the political process.

One of the highlights of the gathering were the refreshments which all came from a Chester business: Phatso’s Doughnuts; Industry Coffee’s coffee, tea, and cocoa; Chef Lamont’s awesome seafood chowder; and a few other things I can’t remember.

Stay tuned for future gatherings of MxLK. I believe this a movement that has some traction. If you consider yourself a leader in Chester, you’ll want to pop in and see what MxLK is all about.

Ulysses ‘Butch’ Slaughter working the room