I stopped to chat with a landlord buddy. I figured he was having his guys repair a cracked block on the sidewalk – ‘they’re everywhere, aren’t they?’

Then he told me the story.

Allegedly, the block collapsed sometime yesterday. The tenant called to let him know when they got home from work last night. He came out to check it out. When I saw him at 11am this morning, it was fixed.

Imagine if all landlords handled matters that fast. Chester is ripe with slumlords, landlords that can’t afford repairs, and property owners who live elsewhere and ignore their properties…(and a lot of tenants who don’t pay rent on time making it hard for landlords to do their job).

People all around Chester walk in the street because sidewalks all over the city are in disrepair.

The landlord did break a city law. In his haste to get the job over and done with quickly, he ignored the city requirement of obtaining a permit which is required for all sidewalk work. For that, he was busted.

Not only did he have to pay for the permit ($50), he was hit with a $200 penalty for not having a permit.

I was in a similar situation several years ago. I had a guy fix blocks on my sidewalk much larger than the block this landlord fixed. My guy dug up the old broken pieces and disappeared for a couple weeks leaving the sidewalk a mess. I guess a city inspector saw the mess and left me a note to inform me there was no permit issued for the work. If it wasn’t obtained in so many days, I’d be hit with a penalty. Since I couldn’t find my guy, I went over to city hall and paid for the permit. Eventually my guy showed up to finish the work and that was the end of that ordeal.

As for the good landlord in this story, if he got caught doing the work without a permit, why not just hit em up for the permit? I think the penalty is overkill and excessive.

Why not penalize every property owner that has broken sidewalks, some for decades?

I don’t understand why we penalize a guy who made a sidewalk repair in under 24 hours. He should be applauded.