To my surprise, someone from Chicago reached out to me asking permission to publish my Part 1 Starbucks post – ‘This Black Man is Still going to Starbucks’ – and he kept his promise with a payment to my Patreon page.

My main reason for not protesting Starbucks is because this type of thing goes on all the time. If people protested every occurrence, it would be a 365-day event and we’d never shop again.

There used to be an effort to keep these type of stories out the news cycle as the vast majority of these situations never make it on TV. So, when the Starbucks thing went viral, so did the protesters, because it appeared so rare and egregious.

Have you noticed how many recent occurrences have shown up in the news lately? As listed on a Facebook post, here is a rundown from the last few weeks…

– Can’t cookout in the park in San Diego. The cops showed up.
– Can’t fall asleep at Yale or the cops are called.
– Outside a Waffle House in North Carolina, folks in their prom clothes get choked and slammed.
– Three guys are accused of stealing in Nordstrom Rack in St. Louis and four ladies are thrown off a golf course for golfing in Pennsylvania.

All of a sudden these things are being seen on TV almost daily.

In my opinion, the more it’s on TV, the less likely there will be backlash and protest. As long as continued TV coverage exists, this type of treatment will become accepted as the normal behavior of which it is.

Expect to continue seeing stories on TV of black folks being wronged in public places. Not only does it support my point that it happens a whole lot more than people want to believe, seeing it on TV on a regular basis will help quell an angry response because there’s no way there’s going to be a protest for every occurrence you see.

The lack of protests will give a false sense of hope that everything is cool. But, folks can only withstand so much. At some point, the damn will break.

The media always has a method to its madness.