I was stopped for jaywalking before I knew what jaywalking was. I was 13 and in Los Angeles with my parents attending a Shriner’s convention.

Not hours after arriving, I met up with some other teens I met in prior years and a bunch of us walked out the hotel and crossed in the middle of the street. The cops were cool and could tell we were all from out of town. He explained we have to cross at the corner and only on a green light. If he sees us doing it again we’d get a ticket for jaywalking.

I didn’t know such a law existed, but during my entire stay I took notice that the locals all crossed at the corner and only on a green light. I’ve lived in New York where jaywalking isn’t tolerated. In highly congested cities it’s a lot safer if pedestrians cross at the corner on a green light.

For the tiny borough of Upland to be enforcing jaywalking laws seems a tad bizarre to me.

In our second case in two weeks of a confusing newspaper article describing police activity leading to arrest, this one begins very innocently with a couple guys crossing in the middle of the street.

The good news is the police got an illegal 9mm gun off the street. Somehow, the bad guy got cornered and was finally shot in the back (okay, the butt), and 25 shell casings were discovered. No telling where all those bullets came from.

Of course, the investigation continues because there’s nothing to help any of us understand what really happened based on the newspaper report in the Delaware County Daily Times.

The lesson learned here is if you’re walking dirty, make sure you cross at the corner.