Although Amazon didn’t select Chester as the location for their second headquarters, Power Home Remodeling headquarters their $700 million dollar, 1800 employee company in Chester in the Wharf building on the waterfront.

It appears they win some type of business award every week. If it’s not a Best Place to Work in one of the 16 cities they operate, it’s a Best Service, Best Company to Sell For, Best Roofer…and so on.

Being the homer I am, when I needed new windows in 2011, I called the home team. The Power rep gave a professional presentation in my kitchen and we closed the deal on the first call. The independent contractor did a great install and the windows killed the winter draft I used to suffer with; nearly eliminated the street noise I use to put up with on 9th street; and they looked and functioned perfectly.

The rep brought in a small demo window and showed me how its built not to break. I never a saw a window that couldn’t break, but his demo was convincing. He was so convinced it couldn’t break that if it ever broke, they would replace it for free for the lifetime of the window.

Guess what – it broke.

Somehow, one of the glass panels has a huge crack in it. I don’t know how it got there, but it’s there. Since it didn’t break all the way through, I sort of procrastinated testing their promise of a free replacement, until recently.

When I pulled out my folder with all the contract paperwork, I wasn’t sure which number to dial. When I thought I had the right number, I called, and after a long time on hold I had to leave a message. They never got back to me and I forgot all about it. Last week, I went through the process again and got the same result. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy with the customer service.

Since they’re right on the waterfront, I tucked the contract folder under my arm and paid them a little visit this week. What an experience that was.

The guards in the Wharf lobby took my credentials and directed me to the elevators. Once on the 4th floor, I entered the glass doors and stepped in one of the most modern art deco lobbies I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. The pleasant young lady took my information, pulled out her SmartPhone, made a call, and asked me to have a seat.

Moments later, a guy ripped right out of the pages of a GQ magazine sat with me, heard my complaint, whipped out his cell phone, made a call, and the appointment to replace my window was scheduled. I asked if he could email the appointment to me, and before I walked out the building it was received.

Power Home Remodeling may need to work on their telephone customer service, but all that was forgotten after my visit to the Wharf on the Waterfront.

I have never had customer service issue go so smoothly.