Every season I try to catch a Chester High baseball game. When I told a friend I was heading up the ‘A’ field to watch them, he asked, ‘Does Chester High have a baseball team?’

CHS Baseball03
The Clippers are coached by Jamai Springfield who is from a family of great baseball stars

Granted, Chester High baseball hasn’t been good in a very long time. Even when I played, we didn’t tear up the league, but we were competitive. Lately, most of the teams have been less than competitive, but it’s not for a lack of trying.

CHS Baseball02
Do you think he got hit in the head with the fastball?


With little to no feeder system of competitive little league baseball in the city, the only hope for a good team is to land a lot of Hispanic players that may have learned the game as kids and arrived to Chester in time to play high school baseball. Even that hope doesn’t seem to be taking hold.

CHS Baseball06
The catcher received a great throw, but did he get his glove down in time to tag the runner out?

Today they played Glen Mills who is one of the few teams Chester can compete with in their league. After watching a couple innings, I’m pretty certain it wasn’t Chester’s day to get a win, but just seeing the team on the field brought back a lot of great memories.

CHS Baseball01
This smash went all the way to the left field fence for a stand up double – could have been a triple but he fell rounding first base
CHS Baseball04
About all you can do as a coach is keep encouraging the kids to compete and have fun