Video evidence of police killings of unarmed young black men are on constant rotation in the new cycles. Not only does this destroy the credibility of police officers, the victim of the shooting is often labeled as a bad citizen before we get to know them.

We hardly ever see stories of police officers attempting to save the life of a gunshot victim like they did in Chester this week as reported on

We’re led to believe that when police roll up on a shooting victim, they go right into investigation mode trying to find clues and witnesses to solve the crime.  In fact, we can’t help but to recall seeing a body or two laying in the street for hours before anyone goes near them, according to the TV.

We need more police officers attempting to aid victims who are victims of violent crimes, and we need to promote these stories, share these posts, and put this type of article on our front pages.

Not only will it help to restore confidence in law enforcement, it may help the bad members of law enforcement to think twice before watching someone die before their eyes.