On March 1 I wrote ‘How Kirkland will be out next Congressman.‘ It received one short comment and was otherwise ignored until last night when a very savvy white political guy mentioned the only way Kirkland could win is exactly the strategy I suggested in that piece.

The premise is that Chester mayor Thaddeus Kirkland has a good shot to win the 5th Congressional democratic nomination simply due to the fact that he was the only black candidate (at the time) and if all the black voters in the district vote for him he’d likely have more votes than any other single candidate if the white vote is split among several candidates, of which there are over a dozen at this point.

One other black candidate was considering entering the race back in March but because any indiscretions a black candidate has are greatly amplified to the point of virtually disqualifying them before they even start, I didn’t think St. Rep. Margo Davidson would throw her hat in the ring with her pending issue with some traffic violations that sound pretty serious to me.

Next thing I know, Davidson entered the race and was being lauded and endorsed. Delcotimes.com reports…

After kicking off her campaign last weekend, Davidson has garnered a number of endorsements, including the nod from Montgomery County Sheriff Sean Kilkenny; state Rep. Maureen Madden, D-115, of Monroe County; Darby Borough Council President Darlene Hill; and Upper Darby Councilwoman Barbarann Keffer.
“As a prosecutor, an Army veteran, and now as sheriff, I’ve been in some tough fights, and I know a real leader when I see one,” Kilkenny said. “Margo Davidson is tough, she’s smart, and she’s ready to stand up to Trump to fight for our communities in Congress. I’m proud to strongly endorse Democrat Margo Davidson to be our next congresswoman.”

I’m not hating on Davidson, but I’m led to question why another black candidate who was running in the same race before the redistricting didn’t get the same courtesy Davidson is getting considering the trouble he had with the law.

EVERYTIME Willie Singletary was mentioned in the paper, is was preceded by these 3 words… “disgraced traffic judge Willie Singletary.” When a reader sees ‘disgraced traffic judge’ enough, he’d feel stupid to vote for him. Was that the intent?

There’s nothing ‘disgraceful’ about Margo Davidson and her traffic situation now, but if she wins the democratic nomination you can bet they’ll rake her over the coals of disgrace.

So why is Davidson being so lauded now? Could it be because there’s a move to make sure she stays in the congressional race and split the black vote in the upcoming primary election? I say yes, but I don’t know how this stuff works.

I have noticed there isn’t a strong alliance between the black political leaders in Delaware County. I don’t think there’s a Delaware County Black Political Action Committee or something with a similar sounding name. There’s no Congressional Black Caucus coming up from D.C. to help promote such a thing even though any effort to get just one black on the ballot is the only chance to get any black congressperson elected in Delco.

I met the mayor of Yeadon a few months back and asked if he had any association with Chester Mayor Kirkland. He said no, but said he thought about reaching out. Man, the black mayors of Delco don’t even hook up. I wonder why?

I don’t think Mayor Kirkland has any outstanding discretions that would peg him as ‘disgraced.’ Why can’t he be the one to represent the black voters of the county?

Based on her endorsements, Davidson probably believes she has as good a chance as any candidate to win. But in reality, her traffic violation situation will pop up if she even looks like she close to winning.

She’s in place only to Divide so one of the many other candidates not named Kirkland can be assured of Conquering.