Sometimes I read things and wonder if the writer thinks people will actually read what they wrote. Here’s an example:

About 100,000 gallons of manure have spilled into two streams in Pennsylvania, killing fish in the area but not posing a threat to the water quality.

I’m no genius, but if someone told me water was killing fish, that wouldn’t be a place I’d go swimming.

Yet, the ‘experts’ aren’t thinking about swimmers when they mention water quality. They want you to believe the water is okay to drink…

…the manure reached Williams Run and the East Branch of Octoraro Creek that feeds into the Octoraro Reservoir. The reservoir supplies drinking water to people in Chester and Delaware counties.

A lot of people put a lot of trust in the water coming out the tap. I contend that you are your own last line of defense against poor water quality and if you don’t use a water filter you become the water filter.

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