The Delaware Daily Times wrote a long story on the impact the Philadelphia Union MLS soccer team and the stadium has had on the city of Chester these past 10 years. The overall conclusion to it all is that the development plans were never completed, and may never be completed, and Chester is left holding the bag.

The writer did a lot of research to report on many aspects of the impact the soccer team brings to the region. But, most of us Chester folks don’t really care about all that and we’d rather hear it directly from our leaders.

So, I bring you Chester’s highest paid executive speaking elusively about the soccer team and stadium issue from an interview published in May of 2017 just in case you missed it.

Chester Chief Financial Officier Nafis Nichols had this to say about that…

“We want you to come to Chester to spend a day and get a great experience. If you’re going to tailgate, use the supermarkets we’re proposing for the city. If you want to dine, we want you to sit at a restaurant here in Chester. If you want a mature beverage and experience, we want you to have that here in Chester. In order for us to do that, again, it’s going to have to be a collective effort with the business community, law enforcement officials, government, and residents to ensure that experience happens here.

You can read the entire interviews here and here