As I was taking the groceries out the bag on mom’s kitchen table, something caught my eye. Mom subscribes to Essence and always complains that she receives a bunch of magazines she didn’t ask for so when I saw a magazine on her table, I almost overlooked it until I really looked at it.

As I choose my words wisely, the conversation went something like this…

“Do you always get Sports Illustrated?”

“What you talkin about boy?”

“Right there. That’s a Sports Illustrated. Look at the address box and see if my name is on it.”

“No. That ain’t your name. Oh, it came to the wrong house.”

“It may have came to the wrong house but I’ve always liked Sports Illustrated. When I put these groceries up, I better check it out.”

The next task was finding a way to flip through the pages with her sitting at the table without letting her see what I was looking at. Thinking quickly, I suggested this was the perfect time to connect her new cable box. With her eyes trained on the TV as Comcast did their best to take forever to activate the new box, it gave me the perfect opportunity to go cover to cover, undercover.

Let me take a moment to give you my opinion of the Swimsuit issue. I haven’t seen one in years and was curious how it evolved. As expected, the ladies, swimsuits, and photography are beautiful. There was a decent mix of diversity although they sort of forgot about Asian and Indian ladies. They added a few plus sized models. But, the big surprise were the number of completely naked photos. I just kept wondering how they can have a swimsuit edition and all the girls weren’t wearing a swimsuit. I guess that’s the evolution I was wondering about.

Being the good guy that I am, when I left mom’s house, I had the magazine in hand to take to the home it was addressed to. When I stepped outside, I saw a young man standing at the front door of that house. I asked if he was the person whose name was on the magazine. He said no. “That’s my granddad, why?”


After I told him what was going on we laughed so hard. He couldn’t believe his granddad got Sports Illustrated and definitely couldn’t see him with the swimsuit edition. The bigger laugh was my 93 year old mom receiving it.

We both agreed it was probably in better hands with granddad than my mom.

What a great way to meet one of my mom’s neighbors.

swimsuit issue