I wasn’t invited to the Chester High School fall sports banquet, but someone in attendance called me to complain about the lack of support these student athletes have based on the number of empty tables. Of course, I was asked to do a story on it even though I wasn’t there.

I always expect people who attend events will send me a photo with a caption, and even a paragraph or two. I’d be happy to post it. But, that rarely happens.

This time, I did request at least a photo, and it clearly shows a few empty tables.

I was told there were about 30 people there. If true, there wasn’t at least one parent for each football and volleyball player.

I don’t know if these events are open to the public but you’d think that at least a parent would show up. The ones that don’t are probably the same parents that don’t attend school board meetings, parent-teacher meetings, or pick up their kids report card. I wonder if they come to the games. Based on the crowds I see at games, probably not.

If this is how we do sports banquets around here, I recommend the teams have an in school assembly in front of the student body. That would be a lot more fun.

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