Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer has an article encouraging every household to have a library of 100 children’s books.

…27 countries found the single best predictor of whether a child is going to finish high school was the number of books in the home – “not the parents’ educational level or income level, but it was knowledge culture.”

I took a little flack when suggesting our new school board member Fred Green use his huge social media following to engage parents on matters concerning education and parenting. A few people said I was being negative, to which I say, ‘so what?’

Even after my post, on Dec 28 Mr. Green goes on Facebook and posted this…


As expected, he got a large chorus of folks in total agreement along with about 30 people sharing that post. But, what he probably didn’t expect is the clap-back he got from over a dozen parents showing photos and videos of their kids opening their Christmas books with joy and excitement.

How cool would it be if  school board members and teachers sent out social media posts asking parents to show their kids opening their books for Christmas? How about photos or videos of parents helping their kids with their homework; getting supplies for that science project; doing Google searches on black history icons, etc.

There’s a better chance a school board member will meet a parent on social media than at a school board meeting, or a parent teacher meeting, or a 10am city council meeting.

Just like kids love their books, parents love showing off their kids being good students. If the right people ask the parents to share those experiences, imagine the impact that can have on a community.

It could get contagious.