I used to love to flip channels on New Year’s Eve and watch the different entertainers perform. I went to bed early on New Year’s Eve not expecting the good musical acts to be on yet, but the channel guide got my attention by showing Steve Harvey was on FOX hosting a New Year’s Eve Special.

As soon as I pushed the ‘OK’ button, I saw nothing but 40 inches of pure fashion buffoonery.

As I struggled to find something to compare Steve Harvey’s outfit to, images of a new Marvin Gaye album cover mashed up with a Cam Newton post game interview intertwined with a Russell Westbrook pregame stroll to the locker room all went round & round in a maddening circle throughout my already exhausted head.

I knew I could count on Twitter to bring me to my senses. The first Tweet I read said,

I couldn’t watch Steve Harvey do New Year’s Eve for fear that he’d announce the wrong year.

I wanted to Tweet something like…”Steve Harvey has brought back Black & White TV.”

I decided to put my mobile device down when I knew I was outdone after seeing the image below with Harvey being compared to Oliva Pope.