To say that Lamont Harris feeds Chester’s homeless for Thanksgiving is almost an insult. Sure, it makes for great press to see him out in streets serving hot meals on a cold Thanksgiving day, but this is just another day in the life of Chef Lamont.

Chef Lamont has been feeding the needy for years. He doesn’t do it for show. He doesn’t ask permission. He doesn’t take a donation. He just enjoys cooking, serving, and helping people.

What’s often left out of these stories of Chef Lamont and his feeding ‘ministries’ which includes serving soup at the train station, these holiday meals, and other pop-up stuff he does on a whim, is that this guy can really cook.

Anyone who has ever ate food prepared by Chef Lamont at a banquet, catered event, or his back yard will tell you that this guy can throw down in the kitchen, the grill, the fryer, and probably even on a Bunsen burner.

Devon Walls, a great cook himself, often employs Chef Lamont to cater events at the MJ Freed Theater. I was there this summer for an event which Chef Lamont was doing his thing. On the day prior to that event, I had this strong urge for roast beef. Wouldn’t Chef Lamont have roast beef on the steam table at Dev’s place.

Not only did I have seconds (okay thirds when no one was watching), I begged that if any was left over to please find some aluminum foil and a doggie bag. That roast beef was amazing.

A lot of people don’t take Chef Lamont seriously around Chester. That’s just the way many folks are around here. But, the real people recognize his worth as he continues to be featured in the paper and on TV news shows for the fantastic work he does to feed those who would otherwise not have a hot meal…on any given day. And to think that the meal they’re receiving is some of the best prepared food you’d ever imagine is the icing on the cake.

Love you Lamont. Keep up the great work.

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