Almost two years ago, a guy discovered I write and he introduced me to the action adventure graphic novel series called C2 & Posse (Cee-Squared and Posse). I was impressed with the art work, characters and story line.


About a year ago I asked how the series was doing. It was clear that as good as the books are, they weren’t having much success getting them in the hands of the kids who could benefit most.

As if I don’t have enough going on already, I jumped in to introduce the books to my folks in Chester.

I’m gitty with pride to announce that we had a Chester launch of the C2 & Posse CODES4LIFE last night at the Boys and Girls Club of Chester as we’re conducting a 6-month after school program using the action adventure series and guided lesson plan as curriculum.


We are thrilled to hire two facilitators: Anthony Jackson and Kristie Barnes

Whenever we show the books there’s excitement. But the excitement coming from the kids at the Boys and Girls Club was so genuinely sincere that it confirmed it was worth all the phone calls, emails, meetings, proposals, miles, and hair pulling to finally pull this off.


We’d like to thank Janet Riley Ford for believing in us and the learning series. We thank Jim Turner for his valuable business counsel. We thank Devon Walls for helping us develop the idea to develop live action characters from the characters in the book. And, we thank Akosua Watts of Chester Charter School for the Arts for allowing C2 & Posse to pilot in the school for potential inclusion into your curriculum.

Direct all inquires for books or classroom and after school programs of C2 & Posse / CODES4LIFE to Ty Johnson 302.420.7889, or visit

The kids really got into the CODES4LIFE
The C2 & Posse team (L-R): Anthony ‘Artoni’ Fletcher – Creator and Lead Designer of CODES4LIFE Developmental Initiative and creator, illustrator, author of the C2 & Posse: Inner-City Heroes action adventure series. Elder Ty Johnson – Vice President of Marketing. Dr. Ravenna Brown, Program Director. Stefan Roots – Vice President of Market Development
Thanks to a Devon Walls’ idea, we created a costume for one of the main characters for future live action projects.