Dray Clark couldn’t tell his own news fast enough as his return to Philadelphia from New York was announced before he could get to it.

Dray is a TV news reporter from Chester who is fast approaching 20 years in the business. His steady ascend from small market newsman in the south, Macon, GA., to bright lights newsman in America’s largest TV market, New York City, has been nothing short of spectacular.

We all celebrated when he left Cleveland and landed back home the first time with a stint on Philly TV. Now he’s back in Philly in an even larger role as weekday reporter and weekend anchor.

Folks around here may not have seen much of Dray on TV while he was working in NYC, but there was never a time we haven’t seen much of Dray around his home town of Chester. He is always in high demand to host and MC events by local organizations. He was once asked to moderate one of the few Chester political campaign events.

In my humble opinion, Dray is one of the best public speakers I’ve ever witnessed. I understand that those news gigs are some of the best jobs around, but if he ever gets tired of waking up at 0’Dark-Thirty every morning, I’m convinced he would take the world by storm on the speaking circuit.

So, if you turn around and see that tall, dark, and handsome guy with the magnetic smile, impeccable wardrobe, crazy sense of humor, and velvety smooth voice standing beside you somewhere on the streets of Chester, it’s probably Dray Clark on his way to sharing his talents somewhere nearby.

Welcome back, Dray!

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