I’ve always considered Upper Darby as Chester’s partner in crime, literally. More times than not, when you open the Delaware County Daily Times, the headline grabbing crime stories come out of either Upper Darby or Chester.

Other than both towns being a public transportation hub, there isn’t much more they have in common with each other. Once upon a time we might say both towns were shopping hubs in the county but Upper Darby, thanks in part to its close proximity to West Philadelphia, continues to have a thriving business district.

I was happy to discover Upper Darby is staging an International Festival. If you’ve been in the 69th Street area, you can’t help but to feel like you’re in a little New York City with the variety of nationalities that live, work, play, and commute through Upper Darby. Bringing the cultures together for a day of fun in the community would be fun and interesting for anyone to join in on.

Chester has hardly any cultural diversity. At a glance, it seems to be populated with nothing but black people, but the census tells us there’s only 85% of us. Rounding out the other 15% are a few whites and Hispanics. In some sense, that’s what makes Chester attractive to so many residents. Of all the issues plaguing Chester, race relations isn’t one of them because Chester is as black as many suburban communities are white.

For those who seek a little variety and adventure in the human experience, I suggest hopping on the 109 bus at the Chester Transportation Center to 69th Street and enjoy a day of celebration at the Upper Darby International Festival later this month.

Visit the Upper Darby International Festival Facebook page