Murders in Chester were occurring so fast in the beginning of 2017 that law enforcement folks gathered in Chester and combined resources to stem the tide by initiating ‘Operation Safe Streets.’

According to Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan, the state police presence is part of “Operation Safe Streets,” a multi-tiered approach to combat city crime, especially gun violence, that will also include the county’s Criminal Investigation Division Gun Trafficking Unit, the Chester Police Department, Delaware County Probation and Parole, the Delaware County Sheriff’s office, and U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

On this morning, we read a perceieved admission that Operation Safe Streets isn’t working.…

Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland said Monday that a meeting with top police brass and command staff focused on new strategies to combat crime as well as ramping up efforts to increase police manpower.

Whelan said the issues the city faces in the number of shootings that go unsolved depend on a combination of needing more police, needing witnesses and gunshot victims to come forward with information and addressing and targeting the illegal guns.

It appears a strategy is to put pressure on victims of gun violence to speak up.

Kirkland says…

“We hope that folks will look at how important it is, we will keep that information and provide them with protection, they will remain anonymous.”

Whelan says…

…the escalation of violence is forcing the hand of prosecutors to more aggressively pursue information from gunshot victims who may know their attacker, but refuse to offer information.

“I’ll use all the powers of the office, even a grand jury, to get information. The days of trying to coddle some of the victims and witnesses are over. We can offer witness protection through the Attorney General.”

In a community that doesn’t like to tell on each other, a shooter that becomes identified will likely accuse the victim of the shooting as the most likely tattletale.

Imagine having to go into a witness protection program just because you got shot. What’s next, arresting shooting victims for getting shot?

The District Attorney was also quoted in today’s article on one of his fears that makes me question his capacity to recall facts…

“My biggest fear is that we’ll get an innocent victim, a child, a police officer, will get killed by a stray bullet or in the line of fire,” Whelan said.

No disrespect Mr. DA, but recently Chester has had innocent victims and children killed by stray bullets. What are you talking about? Or, is the only real concern a police officer getting shot? Fortunately we haven’t seen that around here for a very long time.

And then there’s the issue at our local hospital. I honestly have to confess that when I read the original report of the past weekend of shootings, I wondered how the hospital could keep up with the carnage.

In today’s article they say this…

Six people were wounded by gunfire between Friday and Saturday night, causing Crozer-Chester Medical Center to establish a “code orange” — an all-hands-on deck approach that prioritized gunshot victims’ treatment in the emergency room.

I hope that if my 92 year old mom goes to the emergency room for a flare up of her issue, they prioritize her, too.

But on they say that Crozer also sent shooting victims away…

Just before midnight the hospital advised police and paramedics to divert any other patients to nearby hospitals as they were unable to accommodate more victims.

In conclusion, we’ll be waiting for the name of the new police and political action to fight crime – (Luke Cage). But, as I’ve always wrote, this is not a problem that the police and politicians can solve on their own. They are the ones we point the finger to when the situation gets bad but their approach to solving the problem is obviously not working.

What do you suggest that can change the situation now?