I’m not much of a drinker but I’ll occasionally reach for a cold-one on a hot summer’s day. Yesterday, the beer taste buds were buzzing and the itch was too great not to satisfy. In moments like this it makes no sense to grab an ordinary beer from the neighborhood Stop-n-Go or order an ordinary beer from the neighborhood tavern. This itch called for a top flight beer.

I moseyed over to 2SP Brewery in Chester Township/Aston where there’s no guessing what the ‘born on date’ is because they make the beer on site (hence, the name Brewery). There’s nothing ordinary about their beer. The only issue is choosing among the couple dozen brews of all colors, taste, alcohol content, and IPA-ness. The one thing they make sure you know is that all the beer is made from pure Delaware County ‘wudder’. (You figure it out)

I took a seat at the end of the bar, ordered their crisp and tasty signature American amber lager called Delco (because I get too confused with the descriptions of all the other beers on the menu), had a bag a chips, and swiveled my head between TVs showing the various sports stations. For me, the itch was quickly melting away.

Then plopping down on the stool next to me is a guy who tells the server that it’s his first time at 2SP and he’s from Oklahoma. For the next hour, me and Mr. Oklahoma did everything but share baby pictures as we had a great conversation about everything and anything.

The conversation started something like this:

ME: So, what brings you to this part of the country?
HIM: I’m working a project in Vineland, NJ where I’m up here every couple weeks until it’s done.

ME: Please tell me why you drove 50 miles from Vineland for a beer?
HIM: I’m on my way to the Philly airport and I was searching for a brewery nearby. This is the only one I could find.

ME: (thinking to myself…other than Iron Hill or going into Philly, maybe he’s right)
HIM: The only problem was that when I asked people if they knew of 2SP nobody in Vineland did but they did warn me to stay out of Chester. They said there’s nothing in Chester for me.

Here’s a guy from the heartland of America working in the mini heartland of South Jersey whose first introduction to Chester is to stay away. He had no idea I was from Chester or even how close to Chester he was (2 miles maybe), but he surely knew how to sniff out a good beer.

Tyler Tate from Enid, Oklahoma hanging out at 2SP talking with me about meat

Last month I did a post on the Netflix show ‘Cooked’ where I confessed I’d probably study something in the agriculture field if I had a chance to do it again. Well, Mr. Oklahoma has a master degree in some kind of food science and he’s partnered with another guy back home who also has a master degree in meat (who knew) and they just launched a butcher shop in their home town of Enid, OK that’s performing well above what they imagined at this stage. They’re thinking about opening a restaurant.

You may have eaten a cheese steak from the company Mr. Oklahoma works for in Vineland as they package steaks for chain restaurants around the country. He asked me where the best steak sandwich was around here and I couldn’t vouch for any shop after he told me he was disappointed in the few he had so far. I suggested Dalessandro’s Steaks in Philly as everyone’s favorite but it was an hour drive in good traffic. He actually mapped it out and considered going.

I mentioned my time in Tulsa and what I observed as we shared the particulars of our home towns. It’s amazing how much a city boy from the ‘hood has in common with a farm boy from Oklahoma.

When he comes back to the area, I suspect we’re going to go on a beer and cheese steak expedition. Let me know if you care to join us.


Tyler showed me a couple pix of his shop in Enid. He’s really proud of those tomahawk rib eyes in the middle. I’m sure they’re a big seller. 

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