In a stunning White House revelation, the Department of Justice is working on a plan to investigate and sue universities for admission policies that discriminate against white applicants. They have found numerous cases of intentional race bait discrimination in college and university admissions and it’s become a hemorrhaging open wound in our American fabric that must be healed. Discriminating against white students has gone on for far too long.

In response to this news, presidents from over 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have all arranged for this year’s freshman orientation to enjoy a full day of dancing at a school sanctioned ‘White Party’ in celebration of the prospect of overwhelming increases in their school’s population when black students find they are no longer welcome at white universities and colleges due to the abundance of more qualified white applicants.

One group that is somewhat concerned about this proposed White House policy is the NCAA, the sanctioning body of collegiate sports. When all the majority black football and basketball teams in majority white universities transfer to the HBCUs, the NCAA will have to make thousands of decisions on eligibity status for these athletes. Will they have to sit out a year or will the NCAA make special exceptions and allow athletes to play immediately when they arrive on HBCU campuses due to the abrupt White House policy change?

One local university with a strong basketball program doesn’t have any problem having their Blue Chip ballas pack their bags for the HBCUs. In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, a Villanova University professor states…

Michael Moreland, a Villanova University law professor who watched the Supreme Court case closely, said the Justice Department is well within its rights to make sure that colleges are using race correctly in admissions.

“Legally, colleges are required to show that their use of a race-conscious admission policy is limited to achieve the purpose of diversity,” he said. “How careful are universities in their use … we just don’t know. A lot of these admissions processes are not fully transparent. That’s what is raising concern on the part of people in the Department of Justice.”

Why risk trampling on the ‘not fully transparent race conscious admission policy’ and suffer from having your black athletes ineligible to play by the DOJ. School like Villanova will probably follow the new letter of the law and find the best white athletes available so their teams become reflective of the general population of the school’s student body.

That’s me at a Villanova event last year. This type of photo may be outlawed soon…too much damn diversity.

Network TV executives are also thrilled at the White House proposal because they are so tired of hearing complaints that the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is poorly reflecting white schools with so many all black teams. Only Wisconsin and Gonzaga have consistently received high marks for truthfully putting a team on the floor that’s reflective of the general population of the school student body. Kudos to them for keepin’ it real.

Click HERE (hbcu_spreadsheet) for an Excel spreadsheet of all the HBCUs. Please share with your children who will soon be considering a college. If they’re black, this may be their only choice.

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