After taking the month of May off, I came back in June with a new name and a new focus. The ‘Stefan Roots Blog’ replaced the ‘Chester City Blog’ bringing more content I’m interested in and less hyper-focus on the issues of Chester, Pennsylvania.

Another part of the change was to invite readers to feel invested in the content by becoming a member of the blog for a whopping $1 a month. Obviously, I’ll respond to a member’s input and inquiry before all others.

As for press releases which the ‘Chester City Blog’ used to post free for anything related to Chester, I’ll still post them but it will cost you $5 per submission (or $10 for unlimited press release posts per month).

If you consider $5 a fair price to pay to reach the thousands that read this blog, it may be a smart investment for you.

Special thanks to Chester Housing Authority, Chester Biddy Basketball, and Rodney Bradley and Friends who became press release subscribers. A few other individuals donated at the press release rate. If you’re representing an organization please let me know when you send a press release.

Other individual contributions combined to reach my first goal of $50 per month in donations to help defray the cost of hosting, subscriptions, batteries, and gas. We’re now on to our next level goal of $100 which will broaden the scope of content on the blog.

At the beginning of each month I’ll post an overview of the prior month so you members (and future members) know what your $1 is providing.

Here are the top blog posts from July 2017 in the order of number of views:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.46.26 AM

My new feature posts have been popular:

  • WTF News (Why the Foolishness)
  • CPR – Chester Public Radio
  • Fake News

‘CPR – Chester Public Radio’ has been especially well received with the NPR-type interview format recorded for replay right in the blog post. We started off with the crew at MJ Freed Theater and have done a half dozen episodes with Markus Gray talking technology and computers. I’m looking forward to a lot more interviews this month.

There’s been reviews on books, a play, concerts, and TV shows, exciting photos, opinions galore, a little crime coverage, and even an invitation to visit the sun on a private jet.

Becoming a member is pretty simple by visiting The donation is billed monthly, but you can easily pay for an extended period with your first donation and cancel. For example, if you want to pay $12 for the year, sign up for one month and pay the $12. Just remember to cancel before month 2 or you’ll be hit with a $12 donation again – and I don’t give refunds. Or, pay $1 a month if you don’t think that’ll hurt you.

Thanks for following the Stefan Roots Blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy  creating it.

Stefan Roots the C-City Blogger