Just in, world famous R&B golden shower leaker R. Kelly is no longer trapped in the closet with brainwashed young ladies and is producing a new album featuring some of Washington D.C.’s newest talent that will be aired on TV-None’s hit show, Unsung.

Some of the talent leaked to the press that are likely to perform on this tentatively named project called ‘The Jazzy Jeff Sessions’ are:

Spin Master DJ T-Rump: Best known for keeping the D.C. Go-Go beat alive with a long line of ex-employees he has let Go-Go since he started playing at The Chez Whitey on Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20, 2017.

Scar Face Killa Scaramucci: Already leaked are three songs expected to be on the CD. The club banger that’s getting a lot of spins is ‘Oh No He Didn’t.’ The other catchy song is ‘Mine-11’ where he describes his 11 days working at The Chez Whitey as if two towers fell on his head in lower Manhattan. On the last song he joins with Ryan Lizza in an almost remake of Frank Sinatra’s ‘NEW YORKer NEW YORKer’ which has already been leaked to the Internet with millions of downloads.

Country & West-Winger Kelly Ann Conway sings the 1984 Grammy winning song from The Judds, ‘Mama He’s Crazy.’

Two more new artists are expected to be on this release: Big Sean and The Spicer Boys along with the hot new boy band from Russia, The Deplorables.

If you love new music like I do, make sure you check your local listing for this exciting new Unsung episode on TV-None. The CD will also be sold on late nite infomercials via Tweets from K-Tel Records (short for Kushner Tells All off the Record).

This is historic and you don’t want to miss it.