Keegan Michael-Key is the tall light skinned guy from the ‘Key & Peele’ duo made famous by representing ‘Luther – President Obama’s Anger Translator.’

While his partner Jordan Peele is luxuriating in the millions he earned from writing and directing the horror movie ‘Get Out,’ Keegan Michael-Key is exploring his acting chops and stars in a Netflix dramedy ‘Friends from College.’

Both Key and Pelle are from racially mixed parents and up to now they’ve featured their comic black side. In ‘Friends from College,’ Key displays his white side.

I don’t think anyone would argue that there is a difference between white comedy and black comedy. Jerry Seinfeld and Katt Williams are as different on stage as ‘Blackish’ and ‘The Carmichael Show’ is to ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Goldbergs’ on TV.

‘Friends from College’ is definitely white humor, and it’s very funny. Just like bad movies are made good by just putting Denzel Washington in it, ‘Friends from College’ would be a bust without Keegan Michael-Key. The man is hilarious and is a great actor, too.

The creators of ‘Friends from College’ did not have the ‘Blackish’ crowd in mind when they made this show. They unapologetically kept this show as white as they could. The only black actors are Key (who acts white and is married to a white woman on the show); a chef who delivers a short but funny deadpan spot describing the food he prepared; a waiter who brings nothing to the scene other than an island accent and great smile; and another black guy married to a white woman that briefly shows up at a party. The cast of the show is almost as white as it can get.

The show has us follow about a half-dozen Harvard grads and their significant others all living in NYC 20 years after graduation and all hitting their 40th birthday. They present a complicated story of success and achievement, relationships, infidelity, friendship, trust, forgiveness, and a lot of adult immaturity which brings out the whiteness of the show. Black folks wouldn’t be doing that stuff.

It’s only 8 half-hour episodes so it can easily be binge watched in a weekend. Although I wish the final episode was a tad more conclusive, they surely don’t need to come out with a season 2.  I don’t possess a big attention span for TV so I like my stories short and sweet. ‘Friends from College’ was just the right size for my TV watching pallet.

The show certainly isn’t for everyone as even most white folks have given it bad reviews. Rotten Tomatoes barely gave it one tomato.

I think the show is clever and very funny – but very white!

Keegan Michael-Key is a great actor. I hope to see him in more roles.