If you ever try to nail down Andre Cafe Acoustique owner Paul Fejko for the number of people he expects to attend one of his shows, Paul’s answer is always the say…”Somewhere between 3 and 30.”

Last night, Andre’s presented “Keepers of the Flame” and they packed out the house despite calls for the Mother-of-All-Rain-Storms which barely amounted to more than a drizzle.

I counted over 40 people which is near capacity for this intimate space

The cool part of shows at Andre’s is your choice of indoor or outdoor seating (although most outsiders choose to stand). People inside are the ones who quietly enjoy watching the band perform in a traditional way. People outside are constantly yucking it up: eating, drinking, talking, laughing, and enjoying the show by poking their head in the open windows not missing a note as the music is piped outdoors through loud speakers overhead.

Crazy, but true, the very best sound is across the street as the sound from the outside speakers echo off the other buildings and mix with the live sound coming out of the venue. 
Food was provided by Open Mikes. I missed out on the fish & grits but was saved a fish taco and deviled egg as the ‘more than anticipated’ crowd enjoyed their meal at intermission. (Michael Miller and Paul Fejko)