People love to drop rumors on me to go investigate. Not only do I refuse to investigate anything, most rumors end up as fact so why should I do all that investigative work?

A recent rumor-turned-almost-fact is that a city official made mention a couple months ago that Chester was going to take efforts to attract immigrants. There was no mention from where or how soon, but today’s Delaware County Daily Times offers a hint that the Cambodians may be coming to Chester.

The Ambassador of Cambodia to the United States came through the city and got the red carpet treatment of lunch at Pizzeria Unos, a reception at the Wharf (which probably included more food), and box seats to the soccer stadium to watch our MLS team play a match (where there was probably even more food). Hope he was hungry.

It’s not clear whether Cambodia is planning to bring new businesses or new people to Chester, or both.

The demographics of Chester is as largely black as several western Delaware County towns are largely white. Other than the towns that border Philadelphia in eastern Delaware County, we don’t find much diversity of cultures around here.

It will be interesting to see how this Sister Cities initiative between Chester and Phnom Penh works out. We hope that if they bring their businesses to Chester their people will also live in Chester.

We have a tendency to allow Asian business owners to leave the city on a daily basis with the money we pay them for goods and services and take it back to the suburbs where they live

That practice should be nipped in the bud from the very beginning if Phnom Penh joins forces with William Penn.