In a city that is tight lipped when it comes to identifying ‘the shooter,’ according to it appears that maybe two witnesses identified one of Chester’s most recent murderers.

Minutes after the fatal shooting occurred, a woman arrived at Chester police headquarters.

The woman said the shooting occurred as Malloy was trying to break up a fight. The woman identified the gunman as “Yay-Yay,” an alias for Moreno, the affidavit states.

And then there was this statement which may or may not be the same witness.

About 3:20 a.m. Sunday, Moreno appeared at city police headquarters. Accompanied by his mother and his aunt, he said they had heard police were looking for him, the affidavit states. By this time, a witness identified Moreno as the alleged gunman through a photo lineup.

I guess Moreno has to be convicted before any reward money is disbursed. But, will any money be disbursed? I think Chester just upped their reward to $10,000 and the County is kicking in $5,000. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It would be good for folks to know someone is getting reward money. That could encourage more witnesses. To date, I don’t recall any public notice that reward money has ever been paid out in Chester.

What do you think about this?