The Daily Times announces a photo contest in today’s paper.

EDGMONT >> Professional and amateur photographers are encouraged to enter a photography contest documenting the beauty of Edgmont and rewarding the best photographs with prizes and display in a public exhibition. “We are looking for images that represent the beauty and unique details of this area.”

I just happened to be in Edgmont for the first time in a little while yesterday, and oh, how the neighborhood has changed.

What used to be a lot of farm land, interesting looking homes from the old to the new, and plenty of fresh air, now features a large swatch of clearing that looks like the making of a motor cross racetrack for dirt bikes.

Obviously, it’s the clearing for the Mariner 2 Pipeline that’s snaking its way to Marcus Hook.

Even if you don’t take a side on the pipeline safety issue, it would be hard to call yourself human after seeing the destruction to a beautiful piece of countryside as the construction destroys farm land, uproots homes and the families that once lived in them, and causing dust storms and noise which is exactly what you run away from when you pay so much to live in places like Edgmont.

Here’s my submission based on their criteria of ‘unique details of this area.’

Surely the house and the end of the dirt path will be knocked down, but for now we’ll pretend it’s the starting line of the Edgmont Motor Cross Delaware County Championships. The finish line is under the flags.