I find humor in a lot of stuff but it takes a lot to get me to laugh. This morning I busted out laughing when I read the City of Chester had a ribbon cutting for a bike rack (from an article in the Delaware County Daily Times).

I’m sorry if that ain’t funny to any of you, but for me, I hollered.

The city was awarded a $1000 dollar grant for bike racks. They purchased 3 of them and placed one at the riverwalk down by the soccer stadium; one at the transportation center; and, of course, one at City Hall.

Delaware County Transportation Management Association is on a mission to mitigate congestion and reduce emissions and is offering grants up to $5000 to purchase these racks.

I looked up the price of those racks and they’re about $200 apiece. Figure in about $100 for installation and some shipping and handling and that $1000 grant gets devoured real fast.

In my travels around Chester, the vast majority of bikers are boys pulling wheelies up and down the street. Wouldn’t it be cool to have bike racks at the schools and maybe throw in a bike safety class along with it.

We love grants in Chester. Let’s continue to write them to try to get all the free money for more new things.

Let’s just save the ribbon cuttings for the big stuff.

The ceremonious Chester City Hall bike rack