I don’t watch much TV but I do have a few favorite shows and ‘Insecure’ on HBO ranks among the top. Season 2 starts tonight on HBO.

Show creator and star actress Issa Rae parlayed her popular YouTube web series ‘Awkward Black Girl’ into a huge TV hit that’s watched by millions.

The premise is simple as we follow Issa dealing with her everyday encounters with guys, work, and friends. The show features real issues 30-and-under black folks deal with in a very real, funny, and thoughtful way.

The other intriguing feature is how similar Issa’s smile compares to my daughter. Since they’re about the same age, I often think I’m getting a ‘art-imitating-life’ view of what it’s like for my millennial daughters. I don’t think I’m too far off when I watch the show.

L-R Issa & Veta.