You may recall the Chester Cougars youth football program had their equipment storage facility vandalized resulting in a total loss of their equipment and uniforms last month.

Many people offered online donations to help but the big check came from former Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Ron Jaworski, aka Jaws.

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Jaws invited the coaches and players to a Philadelphia Soul arena football game to present a $5000 check to the Cougars at halftime of Saturday’s game.

I thank Angela Townsley for letting me know about this. She invited me to the only Philadelphia Soul game I’ve attended way back in the Jon Bon Jovi era. I loved the game but there was entirely too much noise during every moment the ball was not in play and I’ve never been back.

We all thank Ron Jaworski. He gave us many thrills as a Philadelphia Eagle but this gesture to support the Chester Cougars was the best play of his career.